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Prof Roy Lubke
Restoration Goals: stabilisation, revegetation, replacement or reclamation, rehabilitation or restoration?

Professor Roy Lubke is a specialist in Plant Taxonomy and Ecology and has extensive experience of more than 40 years in the Eastern Cape and other areas of southern and eastern Africa. Amongst other pursuits he has carried out surveys, produced reports and publications on:

  • biodiversity and floristics of the Eastern Cape
  • coastal ecology – management and ecology of coastal dunes and estuaries.
  • reclamation and stabilisation of mine dumps, coastal drift sands and riverbanks.
  • subtropical thicket and savanna vegetation.
  • conservation of endangered plant species. on many of the above issues.
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and management reports

He has more than 30 years’ experience in environmental consulting having formed the company Coastal & Environmental Services in 1989 with Dr Ted Avis and Mr Peter Jackson. Numerous books, scientific papers and consultancy reports have been produced within the field of expertise indicated above.
In 2003 Professor Lubke retired from full service to the Department of Botany, Rhodes University where he was Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor (1975 –1999) and Head of Department (2000– 2002). He is still an Associate Professor Emeritus and is active in research, current projects and departmental activities. Professor Lubke has received many awards during his career, the recent most notable being the LaRSSA Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was presented in July 2019, by the Land Rehabilitation Society in Southern Africa” in grateful appreciation for your contribution and dedication to Environmental Rehabilitation.”

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